Luc den Otter starts as our new collegue at Hillfive

Luc den Otter joined Hillfive last month as a consultant. Last summer he completed his master’s degree in Strategic Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In the search for a consultancy job where he combines complex change issues with performance management, he ended up at Hillfive, a consultancy firm active in the energy and industrial sector.

Luc is looking forward to contributing to the better functioning and performance of companies. In addition, he is convinced that most of the gains can often be achieved in how individuals and teams work together in organizations. Especially when implementing major changes, he sees the behavioral side as decisive for the success of a new strategy.

In addition to his studies, he has already gained relevant experience by helping individuals to realize desired behavioral change as a transformational coach. Moreover, Luc has been used to top sport as a team from an early age. He will use these valuable experiences to achieve successful transformations and implementations in organizations.


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