The power of InterVision

wietze-handshakeThe key to success is the ability to adapt to your environment.

One condition is that your personal strategy is clear and that you have insight in your own strong and weak points. In order to come to targeted action, which is often difficult, InterVision is a strong means which will give you more clarity and grip.

Know oneself

One thing I have always found difficult is looking at myself in an objective way. Often I try not to see my weak points and to repress them. After all am I not successful and doing well? Still I must admit that I am now much closer to myself, because I started my own business and some good friends set me on this radical new path. The have dared to confront me without any self-interest while risking our friendship, as I can be rather convinced about myself.


In your company you will meet few colleagues who really want to help you. Almost always there is a context and a personal interest, from which actions take place. Feedback as such, more often says something about the giver rather than the receiver. Everyone has strong and weak points, even though the latter are difficult to notice and to accept for many people. Being successful also means being able to see your weaker points, embrace them for what they are and seek help. This help will only come if you are capable of asking the proper questions.


Within HillFive, we have developed a special InterVision methodology, which can really help you to be yourself. The methodology leads to fierce results and always to connection with yourself, to new ways and insights. Typical help-questions that we discussed with several entrepreneurs over the last few years, are: I set up the company all by myself and now it’s becoming so big that I need to ask others for help, how do I go about that, because I want to continue the growth towards more investments? I am so busy with my work that I can’t find time for important things such as business strategy. How do I create room to be able to do this?
I know it should be done differently, but I’m getting stuck and I can’t find the way out myself. We are here with several members of the board who all have different opinions and no matter how hard I try, I cannot manage to change the course. It is costing me increasingly more energy. How do I ensure support for my vision? The people just don’t seem to understand and won’t go for it.
What do I really want and what does really work? Expansion, buying out, outsourcing? I’m getting snowed under in daily business.


By means of our InterVision methodology we can create such a setting that after 4 hours you will start celebrating your weekend full of new insights. We do this by inviting very experienced experts at the table, an interactive process and an open-questions methodology. The InterVision takes place on Friday afternoons, so you start the weekend with a head full of information and ideas. We won’t let you down afterwards, but ensure a follow-up meeting and reflection. This often takes place with the person you had a connection with during the InterVision, or someone who set you on a new track. The great thing is that the afternoon is open-minded that it really becomes your story. Nobody will tell you what you should do and make sure that you are busy with the next step instead of trying to make a giant leap forward. Incremental improvement, secured from within the real you. The InterVision participants are mainly from other organisations and branches than yours. Often that other branch has already dealt with the problem and can pass on the learning experience. They are quite experienced participants in director and senior management positions, who have been through a number of personal steps themselves and are happy to give insight.

During InterVision, things will be difficult for a while, which is confronting, but the reward afterwards is excellent and will provide you with new energy and audacity to take the next step.

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