Together with our customers

I am so glad that we can meet our customers in person again.

Finally we can do team workshops again in large rooms or even better: outside on a terrace or a lawn.

I really missed it so much to see the dynamics of a team and have a look at all the facial expressions. It feels like jumping into a puddle like a child again, just because it’s so much fun.

We totally understand that our customers are subject to very strict Covid-19 restrictions. Within these rules there are more and more possibilities to meet each other in a save manner.

At HillFive, we have become really adept at achieving digital results over the past six months. Online strategy workshops with teams of 10 people? I don’t get nervous anymore. It has become the new standard. I’m also positively surprised that we can achieve so much together with our clients by working 100% online. This has made me realise that working online can very well lead to concrete results. What I have also seen, however, is that working online is really tiring and one-sided. The interaction and the coffee machine conversation are really missed by our customers. Sparring over new problem or quickly attracting a colleague is no longer an option. This makes it difficult for an increasing number of people to remain motivated.

Creativity is nourished by interaction. A physical brainstorm is preferred. For some managers, it is difficult to steer for results now that they can no longer exercise control over their people on a daily basis. We help by offering a digital alternative. We have now digitalised the OGSM method in such a way that even hardened office managers can work with it and delegate time and responsibility to their people. Involvement is growing rapidly and results are improving significantly.

Working from home has become the new standard and office visits are sporadic. We can still help your team regain dynamism and energy by optimising the home/office combination for you. Right now it’s good to bring your people back together again and celebrate being a team. People need it in order to be appreciated, to be able to really speak out and to connect and improve together.

We are happy to help you so that the real ‘fresh in the meadow experience’ comes into being again within your team.

Please contact us for a spontaneous conversation. Of course this can also be done in a safe manner at our office in Zeist with a cup of coffee.

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